Tiniest Pop-Shop

The #tiniestpopshop is a four square foot tollbooth located at 225 1/2 West Jefferson St. that will be curated each month into a new experience. Artists submitted to an RFP and the calendar year of 2019 will be scheduled as follows…

JAN - the #tiniestclubinsyracuse by Michael John Heagerty
FEB - Pink Clouds by Ty Marshal
MAR - Girl Scout Cookie Booth & art
APR - Sensation Self Care Vanity by Holly Wilson
MAY - Flower Power by Catalpa Flower Farm
JULY - Lisa Kane Hula Hut + Lrs Records Surf Rock record collection by Nick Oliver and Mark Turley
AUG - Jamie Santos Goth Lemonade Stand
SEP - Breathing object + mural collaboration by Davana Robedee + Taro
OCT - Black Rabbit Studios TBA
NOV - Yarn Bomb Booth by Shannon Creates
DEC - Salt City Burlesque